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Each one of the 50 states has their own Lemon Law. But the rules differ from state to state including how long after delivery of the vehicle to the purchaser a consumer has Lemon Law rights; whether used vehicles are covered; how many attempts at repair a manufacturer must be given; whether a lessee has the same rights as a purchaser; whether motorcycles, motorhomes (RVs), and commercial trucks are covered; the formula used for the useage offset permitted; and whether the manufacturer has a final attempt to repair. While in most states as a general rule, if a vehicle continues to have a defect within the warranty period even after it has been repaired four or more times or has been out of service at a dealership for thirty days or more, and the problem substantially impairs its use, value or safety, then the vehicle is considered to be a Lemon. In most states, it is then up to the consumer to decide whether he or she wants a refund of money and to give back the vehicle or whether he or she wants a replacement vehicle.

In some states, even one or two repair attempts to fix a serious safety related defect is sufficient to meet the Lemon Law. The laws can be confusing, and dealerships and manufacturers may aid in your confusion or try to convince you that you do not have Lemon Law rights when in fact you do. To protect your rights, please review the Lemon Law Statutes for your state and contact a Lemon Law Attorney to discuss the situation regarding your lemon vehicle. Don't fear contacting a Lemon Law attorney because of the fees involved as most attorneys will handle your case for you and then collect their fees from the manufacturer.

Find out more about your State's Lemon Law and learn about your consumer rights under the Lemon Laws in all the 50 States. Below you'll find weblinks toThe Center For Auto Safety in Washington D.C.

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